Swati Ubroi styled Naomi Campbell

Published Date: 13 Jun 2013:
Educational qualifications: An aspiring fashion stylist must go to a fashion school. Even a styling course, like the one Pearl Academy offers is fine. And, if they don't, they must possess an inherent styling sense, of course!

What does it take to become a stylist? A stylist should be very open-minded because style can be picked out of anywhere. They should be exposed to trends worldwide, they should be travellers, and they should also be exposed to the cultures of different places. It is because they have to work without boundaries-ready to experiment and blend ideas from all over the world.

Celebrities styled: I recently dressed and styled Naomi Campbell, and over 130 international guests who had come for the bash she threw for boyfriend Vladimir Doronin last year in November. Her guests were Kate Moss, Vivien Westwood, Eva Herzigova and others.

The challenges: There is a fine line between the monotonous and the berserk, and that is the balance a stylist has to make. The challenge lies in striking equilibrium between your experimentation and eccentricity and the personality of the individual you are dressing up. You could say it's a mix between dream and reality. Also, finding time to travel is challenging for a stylist.

The moolah: If a stylist is qualified, has good experience with magazines, ramp shows, other projects, he will be paid well. But if one is a beginner, he should not expect rewards. One should experience and that will be the reward in the long run.

Future of styling: It is very big! The field has been lying quite empty because there are very few people doing it.

For fresh blood: Get work experience, always think out-of-the-box (otherwise there is no point), and travel as much as possible.

Experience so far: It has been excellent for me. When you work so closely with clients, styling happens effortlessly. Any drama queens? Frankly speaking, all the international personalities I worked with in Jodhpur were very open-minded and never threw any tantrums. They were very accepting and full of questions.

-As told to AH Correspondent.

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